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1MEN'S MINISTRY: All Men are invited to come fellowship and learn how to strengthen their relationship with God.
1WOMEN'S MINISTRY: All women are invited to attend women fellowship. It will be a time of encouragement, inspiration and sisterly love!
1YOUTH MINISTRY: Serving youth of all ages to raise them in the likeness of our Lord and Savior! Showing them they are not to young to accept Jesus Christ into their lives!
1STREET MINISTRY: Opportunity to serve! Join us on the corner of 25th avenue and Alford Street in Columbus, GA every second and fourth Saturday of the month for healing, salvation, deliverance, encouraging words & free food!
1SINGLE'S MINISTRY: Join the SINGLE SAVED ANNOITED Members of Life Changers for a Wrap Session on Purposeful Living in CHRIST!
1Praise and Worship: Making a joyful noise and praising God in song and dance! Join us for Practice every Saturday @ 8:30am!